Tuesday, September 11, 2012


01. Combat Jacket - Forever 21
I have many army green combat jackets and this just happened to be the thinnest one... 
California weather calls for my lightest clothes! 

02. Black Basic Linen Tee - Zara
I have this basic linen tee in 3 colors -- white, black, and oatmeal.
This shirt is very light, so it's great for summer. The cut is unique and amazing too.

03. Black Double Thread Jeans - Just USA
I also have many pairs of Just USA jeans as well. They're addicting!
They have great colors with high quality materials and fit great too -- just the right amount of stretch!

04. Studded Flats - Theory
These are the one from my thrifting post! 

I know I'm not the only one who's always short on time and on-the-go. For people like me who need to fly out the door to face early morning rush hour traffic and still maintain a decent amount of sleep, it's hard to get an outfit together that won't make you look like you dressed yourself half asleep. My outfit today is nothing too special, but it is something very easy to put together and that will look chic and effortless. As you can see, I just wore all black with some edgy flats and a combat jacket. You can also easily dress up this outfit for going out at night -- just add edgy heels to replace the flats and it will instantly dress you up.

Extra tips: You can make this look your own by switching the tee and jeans out for a black dress, whether it be a little black dress or a black maxi dress. This look will also look very chic with coated jeans (the ones that look like they're leather), which are very trendy right now.

Here's a great example: one of my favorite bloggers from OUTOFABOOK.

How would you create this look? What would you add to it? -- I'd love to hear!


  1. i LOVE this post! thats a great jacket :) really love it!

    love your blog, its lovely :)
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  2. Really nice blog! Following:)

    --The Urban Lioness


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