Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Class OOTD

I apologize again for the horrible quality photo.
Shall take pictures with a better camera soon!

Trench Coat : Forever 21
Nautical Striped Shirt : Zara
Classic Blue Jeans : Just USA
Coral Flats : Forever 21
Bag : Longchamp
Bracelets : Downtown LA Flea Market (Leather), Courtesy of Jessica Kim (Friendship)

I think I will wear my trench/nautical shirt look for the rest of my life.
I absolutely love it.
My trench coat and flats are very temporary. I bought them from forever 21 and the buttons fell of and its not easy keeping them they way they looked when I first bought them. I definitely would love to invest in a better trench coat when I can. As for now, I have a few khaki colored coats and jackets and I love them all!

Btw.. I am DYING waiting for Zara's sale to begin.. Sigh. The life of a Zara addict..

Hope you have a great day! :)


  1. Good thing I have you bookmarked : ) I went through all the blogs on my bookmarks while waiting for the fireworks and just had to read your updates! Did you take advantage of the Zara sale? I hauled a lot of clothes and shoes a couple days ago! Bye bye $$$...

    And definitely cute style hun ; )


    1. Hehe Thank you for bookmarking <3 I did take advantage of the Zara sale. Haha I've been to three different Zaras in two weeks.. haha definitely an addict. I bough tonnnsss of stuff and hopefully I'll find time to do a haul soon! :D
      Thank you for reading, love!

      Much love! (YJ)


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