Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Classic Essentials - No. 12 Basic Blue Jeans

Ben G. from

Whoever said that you can't look classy in jeans?
I think basic jeans are one of the classiest items you could have.
For jeans, I think a darker wash (some people call it navy denim) give off a bit of a classier look
and look amazing when they are cuffed (folded to 7/8 length). Dark wash blue jeans give
just the right amount of casual look to classic outfits. I'm pretty picky with my jeans, because
even the slightest difference in shade give it a different look and of course, the fit has look good
and feel comfortable. In my opinion, skinny and straight leg are best for women 
and straight leg suits men for the "classiest" look & fit. 

Where to find:
You can find great style, affordable jeans at Forever 21, but they're not too comfortable and won't last too long. If you are willing to splurge, Rag & Bone, J Brand, and Current Elliot has some great jeans as well. My favorite brand for my jeans is Just USA. Majority of my jeans, regular denim and colored, are from Just USA because it feels they have the comfort of jeggings in the look of jeans; plus, they more affordable than those splurge brands I listed. 

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