Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Caffe Concerto

Few weeks back, before it actually opened to the public, I was able to get in on Koreatown's newest cafe/bakery/italian restaurant/wine bar-in-one.

Jasmin Green Iced Tea + Moroccan Mint Iced tea

Macaron Heaven

Common in cafes, but still very adorable tea pots.

Caffe Concert's 2nd floor "Italian Restaurant"
We ordered a ton of macarons (I'm obsessed) and some iced tea.
Their macarons were actually very high quality and I absolutely loved how many of the flavors were super unique. I could almost say that their macarons matched the quality of Bottega Louie's.
Tea is tea and loose leaf is almost always amazing. They did a great job on presentation and service.
All of the staff were very friendly and the servers were very attentive!
I will definitely be back to try their take on italian food.

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