Wednesday, June 20, 2012

American Apparel Flea Market Summer 2012

I recently drove by the American Apparel factory in Downtown Los Angeles and noticed that they were holding one of their flea markets, so I immediately decided to stop by. They held the flea market in what's usually their showroom.. and it was huge. They had almost everything from dance shoes to chiffon blouses, to their famous fleece jackets! I ended up spending about $80 dollars. It was totally worth it.

AA Sailor stripe pocket top, Red circle scarf, Burgundy wifebeater, Black patent dance shoes, 2pc Crochet Swimsuit
 (Excuse the horrible picture quality. T'was taken on my iPhone4 :/)

I didn't buy too much because I'm in the midst of saving up for my Fiat 500 POP and for my trip to China, but I will definitely make another trip soon.

Today, I wore my AA Black patent shoes to work and they did not disappoint. I love 'em!
Can't wait to go back to their flea market!

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