Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My love, Fiat 500 POP

I am in LOVE with the Fiat 500.
I'm obsessed.
I've gone on two test drives already, so I am pretty much officially saving up for this amazing, classy, adorable car. Unless God allows for a better model, I am going to purchase the POP (the most basic Fiat 500 model). I dream about my exact model, literally, everyday. Can't wait to get my hands on my Fiat 500 POP with blanco exterior, blanco interior with rosso seats. In english, that means white exterior, white (more like cream) interior, and red seats.
I'm praying for my $3000 (the down) to build up fast!
The front of the beautiful car.
The gorgeous interior from the driver's seat POV.


  1. This is definitely a gorgeous car, love ♥ I think it would suit you perfectly!

    1. Hehe Thank you! Hopefully I can save up fast nuff! :)

  2. Do you know why some people love the Fiat 500? It’s because of that compact body that allows you to easily maneuver around the city streets even if there’s heavy traffic. The nifty design is another reason – I mean, just look how adorable that looks!

    1. Yes, the fiat 500 is definitely a great car for city streets (great on gas mileage too)! Thanks for stopping by! :-)

      Sally of Class Consumed

  3. I agree! I would love a classy hippy' van as they call it.


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