Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Karen Millen's The Perfect Dress Event w/ Aimee of Song of Style

This past Sunday, I was able to catch Aimee (pronounced "Aw-Mee") of Song of Style at Karen Millen's Perfect dress event (after seeing Aimee the event on her on instagram! Follow Aimee: @songofstyle) It was a little frustrating dealing with Century City's insane parking for over half an hour, but it was totally worth it. Aimee was not only styled perfectly, as always, but she turned out to be so amazing and down to earth. Her sister, Dani Song was also there, looking fabulous as well. If you ever end up running into either of the song sisters, don't be afraid to approach them! They're extremely kind and genuine. Both Aimee and Dani took time to greet and chat with me. :-) Aside from meeting these amazing ladies, Karen Millen's dresses
didn't fail to amaze me. Her dresses were pretty versatile in styles and so were her other items.


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Aimee wore her chic Gold Embroidered Black Karen Millen Dress!
I wore my adored Zara breton striped shirt, Zara tweed coat, Just USA jeans, 
Dooney & Burke bucket bag, and Zara satchel-made-camerabag.


  1. Aww lucky! Did you bring the Pepero for her? Hehe so cute : )

    1. Haha I did! Surprisingly, she didn't know it was pepero day! :)


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