Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Classic Essentials : No. 15 Boat Shoes

If you ask me, Boat shoes are the perfect comfort shoes for a classy, yet casual closet.

They're incredibly comfortable and are very versatile, just like the other classic essentials. Sperry creates amazing, great quality boat shoes, but you can always find more affordable alternatives at many shoes stores. Boat shoes do come in a huge variety of colors, but I recommend sticking to more neutral, basic colors, such as navy blue, khaki, brown, or white. (It'll come in handy to style into more outfits!


  1. Ah! Completely agree : ) I cannot do without my Sperrys!

  2. what are your thoughts on wearing socks with boat shoes? lol ive worn mine with socks at times and people always comment on it lol


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