Friday, August 31, 2012

Shoe Must : Suede Ankle Boots

A piece I fell madly in love with this season (perfect for S,S, & F) were the short suede ankle boots.
These boots can compliment so many outfits and the height of the boot lengthen your legs too.

As previously shown in my Miranda Kerr Style post, she styles the boots as so:

Here are some other celebrities/fashion role-models styling these boots:

I'm definitely lusting over the pair of suede ankle boots from Isabel Marant ($420):

I got a very similar pair from Report ($90) Got mine off of amazon! :

I love these boots and I definitely wear them all the time.
One con I found was that the Report boots didn't have a zipper on it, so it was a bit unconfortable to get on and off, but they're so pretty, I personally got over it quickly.

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